This unique, inspiring and transformational book can be applied to any aspect of life – career, personal performance, relationships, parenting and more. It will open your eyes to a new way of living, one where anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem and negative self-talk no longer exist. Use the tools within this book to unlock the potential within you – it is there! You just need to follow the steps of the journey, achieve each belt grading, and start to savour how wonderful living a black belt life can feel.

Discover how Phil Toogood developed a philosophy and coaching system from his experiences in life, business, leadership and sport. Add the discovery of mindfulness, his study of neuroscience, the underpinning principles of martial arts and his constant thirst for personal development and you’ll understand why You Can Live a Black Belt Life is such a powerful book.  

This is a book to reflect on, share with others, and use as a go-to guide when needed appreciating the wisdom stored within it. It has been designed to work as a toolkit to support the journey of life, from any starting point to a destination of freedom, strength, confidence, achievement and self-belief.


Phil TooGood

Phil is a successful life, performance and transformational coach and a sensei in karate.

Throughout his life he has shown an unrelenting love of sport, fitness, well-being, martial arts, leadership and above all personal development. He also became a student of mindfulness, which delivered an unparalleled positive change to his life. 

He trained with the NeuroLeadership Institute becoming a brain-based coach and has since continued with his quest for knowledge, studying positive psychology and well-being, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and basically anything relating to helping people grow or transform. He has taken this, together with his own work / life experiences, a lifetime spent in competitive cricket and the principles of karate to create his own unique, powerful and successful coaching system that has subsequently delivered incredible results.

Born in Sudbury, Suffolk, Phil now resides in the historic village of Lavenham where the streets and houses were famously used for scenes in the Harry Potter movie franchise.


“This is not just another self-help book. It is a powerful journey; and it’s going to be your journey. Follow the syllabus and you will travel down the line of belts and reach the other end to stand with the black belts in life. I will provide you with the models, tips, tools, skills, guidance, brain training and mind maintenance you need to build your own bulletproof system that will lead you to that magical place dreams are made of, that unique place of self-control and inner peace”.


‘Attitude is Everything’

It is said that the ultimate goal for many of us is inner peace and a sense of spiritual freedom, to reach a point where there is no need to forgive any longer as we have eliminated all blame from our soul. We have removed all judgement, guilt and anger. We are free from stress and acknowledge and embrace life as it is. What a beautiful place to be.


‘The Secret to Goal Setting’

You are about to take a crucial step towards change. We have reached the critical stage of the journey, the part where I launch you into a new way of thinking and living. In fact, a way to design how you want your life to look. And you can do all of this by committing yourself to a goal-setting mindset. Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you get this part of the process right then your life will change instantaneously.


‘Mind and Body Mastery’

In ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang teaches us that all things have two sides, two facets. They are neither good nor bad, or oppose or complement each other, but the two elements cannot exist without each other. In this syllabus I bring together the mind and body and the universal energy that connects the two to create a balanced, healthy, mindful and happy life. This is the way to a lifestyle of well-being; the secret to living a black belt life.



My neurochemistry must have reached its absolute peak state. I had trained for years for this moment. I had prepared leaving no stone unturned. Bruce Lee said, “I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.” I had endured all the mental, physical and emotional challenges, but my faith remained present along the way. It’s said in martial arts that when you become a black belt that’s when you start to learn. This is so true. As you experience the transformation from brown to black belt a sense of leadership naturally manifests. I experienced it first-hand. Something changed, something emotional, and possibly spiritual. I immediately felt the need to help others and pass on my knowledge. Subsequently, You Can Live a Black Belt Life was born…

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