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Getting the best out of people is the key to success for any leader. Statistics say that many people perform well below their potential. But, what makes a great leader and how can you unlock and access that untapped potential?

Team coaching can be delivered in many different forms, from leadership development initiatives to groups of individuals with a common focused goal.

Team coaching is always in an ‘intimate conversation space’ which is critically important. In today’s world, team coaching provides an important space for dialogue, reflection and inspiration for small groups of individuals.

The involvement in being part of a shared peer learning process is at the heart of the team coaching experience, which is grounded in the individual goals of each participant and, where applicable, the collective goals of the group.

“They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.” Mark Twain

Team coaching outcomes:

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Ultimate leadership and team coaching

Getting the best out of people is the key to success for any leader. It’s been said that people perform at an average of around 40% of their potential. What makes a great leader and how can you unlock and access that untapped potential.

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Dealing with conflict

Given that no two brains are alike, conflict is inevitable. When disagreements are handled with the brain in mind, useful discussions are the result. However, when emotion runs high, the result is often problem and drama. So many conflicts are down to being misunderstood or expectations not being met. However, using our conflict resolution processes and tools, we can help our clients self-manage these situations.

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Optimum personal productivity

When coaching around personal productivity, we are after two results. One, we want to help people perform at their peak. Two, we want to help people take control of their time so they can choose to do the things they really value. Together we look at the neuroscience behind attention management, and then at a number of prioritising and efficiency tools that work with the brain in mind, including managing distractions both external and internal.

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Making great decisions

The ability to make decisions is crucial in life, but also in the workplace, particularly with leaders, where their choices impact other people and organisations. We can support people to make great decisions by helping them think about their thinking (Meta Cognition).

One of the foundations to making great decisions is ensuring conditions in the brain are optimal and a high level of attention is present. We cover a number of coaching routes using various tools and methods, and looking at all the characteristics of the decision-making process. This includes ‘press pause’ and E+R=O (The response (R) to an event (E) equals the outcome (O).

“Alone we can do little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

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