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Phil Toogood Coaching is a specialist transformative and performance coaching practice dedicated to life-changing personal growth, leadership development and achieving greater self-belief, wellbeing and mental performance.

Helping people transform their lives

A unique approach to personal and team transformation utilising decades of experience in business and sport, underpinned by contemporary neuroscience and the relationship between the brain, thoughts, feelings, actions and results.
Phil’s philosophy is based around positive and solution-focused change through a belief in behavioural improvement, accessing human potential and harnessing the power of the mind.
An abundance of experience and knowledge, gained from a wide range of industries, sports, martial arts and lifestyle passages, have been uniquely shaped into a wisdom that forms the basis of a system which produces quite remarkable results.

InsideOut approach to mental health

InsideOut is a metaphor of the approach to this unique coaching platform. It is best explained that we all have the opportunity to develop and transform ourselves from the inside out to achieve wonderful results from the outside in. What is more, is that teams and whole organisations can do exactly the same.

“The unexamined life
is not worth living.” Socrates

The Approach

The framework, skills, traditions and philosophy of this approach are perfectly positioned to offer the ultimate gift to the client – and that is ‘undeniable transformation’.

The model encapsulates paramount integrity, unconditional confidentiality and total commitment, allowing the client to receive exceptional focus, attention, passion and purpose to achieve great things.

Phil Toogood Coaching will provide the ultimate delivery, experience and results in human potential, using various life and business tools for an incredible journey and transformation.

Define Your Success

A coaching experience like no other

The coaching platform is aimed at transforming personal and business performance and helping people deal with and conquer many of the work-life challenges they are faced with.

It’s unique, like no other approach, offering a coaching experience that is not only insightful but extraordinarily successful.

“After every session I feel like a piece of my husband comes home - and you know the best part? He is SMILING! I cannot thank you enough for the positive impact you are having on our family.” Received from the wife of a client who had been diagnosed with clinical depression and type 2 diabetes before starting his coaching programme with Phil, both of which have now been reversed.

Coaching with the brain in mind

The brain is the most complex thing in the known universe and no two brains are alike.

We are all different and no wonder when our brains are made up of around 80 billion neurons.

Knowing a little about your brain, your command-and-control centre, makes a big difference to the way you perform at work but also in everyday life too.

Surprisingly, thinking requires lots of energy and the brain can get overwhelmed quite quickly with information overload.

With neuroscience brain-based coaching, you will discover how to become more productive, less distracted, more focused and be able to find insights when you need them most to manage the resource limits of the brain.

You will discover how it’s virtually impossible to do two conscious things at once. Multitasking – it’s a myth.

Understanding why you feel stressed and overwhelmed, helps you deal with it and recover. Also, in time and with practice, you will be able to manage your brain to deliver optimum performance levels when you need them most.

Making decisions and solving problems rely heavily on a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex (PFC). It’s the latest part of the brain’s evolution and is our executive function, high level, decision making, conscious interaction and information processing machine.

In the last decade neuroscientists have made significant discoveries about this region of the brain.

It’s just 4-5% of the brain’s volume but requires 20% of its energy to perform. Without the PFC you would not be able to plan, set goals or visualise situations you had never seen before. It is like a battery, and it too runs out of energy and needs rest and recharging to continue to perform.

Doing mental, energy-hungry, conscious tasks will take their toll in terms of its fuel reserves, which are sourced from glucose and oxygen. Our brains need a lot of power to run, but the power drains over time. It’s no wonder with the amount of incoming information we have to process in any one minute.

The InsideOut approach takes advantage of the knowledge we have about the brain and in particular the PFC to help you understand, manage and cognitively control yourself more efficiently, effectively and productively.

Define Your Success

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