Unleash Your Hidden Potential

Every single person has hidden potential!

I look at it as life’s second greatest gift and it’s there for us all to discover. It is there I promise, you just have to find it and then use it and you move into a different world.

One of my favourite philosophers Jim Rohn said: “The greatest gift you can give anyone is your own personal development.” And this is key to unlocking that potential.

Not only will you feel the rush of self-fulfilment and greater self-esteem but just imagine how your own personal growth could have an effect on the people closest to you – your partner, your children, your peers and the people and groups that you lead in business.

The barriers and boundaries that prevent us from accessing our hidden potential most commonly exist in our own heads controlled by our own thoughts and mindset. Essentially, what we are doing is restricting ourselves from experiencing greater performance levels, more rewards, excitement, pleasure and happiness.

Our brains are connection machines, when we learn or commit to something, a new wide-scale connection is made. Then shots of neurotransmitters such as adrenaline and dopamine are generated that drive people to want to take action. Having inspirational goals are the best ways to take action.

There are no limits to your personal development. Expanding your current skills and capabilities, combined with learning more about yourself, will be a powerful and life-changing journey.

If you can begin to believe that your life can change for the better, then you have something quite remarkable at your disposal. With that belief and commitment, you can start tapping into your hidden potential in all areas of your life. When this occurs more life treasures will be revealed in the form of inspiration, motivation, greater energy levels and a new zest for living.

Albert Einstein said: “Nothing happens until something moves.” So, you have to make the first move to change.

Here’s some advice; To get yourself in a positive state of mind write down 3 of your headline achievements over your life, it can be anything you are proud of. I assure you that just this alone will put you in a motivational mindset. Next, write down the areas in your life you would like to improve and work on as well as goals you wish to accomplish. By writing these down the experience becomes real and achievable. You will surprise yourself as to what you can access within when you are in a positive state of mind. Whenever you’re feeling low or suffering with a little lack of confidence refer to those proud moments in your life and this will provide an immediate lift for you.

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Phil Toogood
Creator of Cranfield Philips

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